Mercy Ships Update

We are off to Guinea tomorrow for a month, once again working at We fundraised for them, as well as Dreamland Mission Hospital in Kenya and Mercy Ships on our coast-to coast walk last summer. It will be good to see how their satellite clinic is coming along. We hope to have time to visit the site one weekend.

We will travel via Monrovia, arriving at Hope Medical Centre hopefully in time for tea on Saturday.

We have heard that a lot of needy patients will be coming, some with clefts, others with various maxillofacial problems, including some large tumours, as there is nobody else around who can do them. Some of those with more extreme conditions will be travelling from Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Your prayers will be much appreciated for our time there. Internet in the past has been sporadic, but we hope to update you at some stage. Thanks for your interest in what we continue to do across Africa.

With our love

Tony & Ann

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