Duke Austin – Energy Management System

We’re well into January 2022 but it’s never too late to set a resolution! With less than eight years now until 2030, it’s more important than ever to start measuring and reducing our business’ emissions.

Duke Austin are one of the UK’s 2,700 first signups, accounting for 80% of the world’s current total SME Climate Commitments.

In an effort to achieve Net-Zero, Duke Austin are working within the guidance of ISO 50005 : 2001 to develop a phased implementation of an Energy Management System. This standard provides small businesses like ours with the means to develop a practical and measurable approach to energy management. Using a phased approach will enable quick wins to be achieved in reducing energy usage, and allow us to build upon these successes over time. The Energy Management System is a critical component to enable our transition towards Net-Zero.

We look forward to sharing our results and successes throughout our journey.

Energy Management System


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