Duke Austin & Company is looking to sponsor new vetting inspector talent in Africa and Australia.  With 25years experience of supporting associated independent inspectors, we can manage the SIRE accreditation process and provide world-leading task management and support, through our dedicated administration team.

Minimum qualifications as a Class 1 SIRE inspector include:

  • Class 1 Master or Ch. Eng Cert
  • 5 years tanker experience
  • 2 years as senior officer on tankers
  • Physically capable for the task
  • Proficient in written & spoken English

Additionally, we will give preference to those who are able to fully commit to this outstanding career option, and who have a broad tanker experience across oil, chemical and gas carriers.  We ask all potential applicants to first read our policies, available on the web site, as we would insist that these are adhered to throughout our association.

If interested, why not send a brief CV and Resume of sea-time to Captain William Austin, through the admin@dukeaustin email above.

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